Kenshiro Toki Raoh Rei Shin Thouzer Jagi Mamiya Juda Shew Ryuga Fudo Juza Bat Rin Ein Falco Shachi Hyou Kaioh Heart muhomono
Amiba Fang King Uighur Zeed Colonel Devil Rebirth Raiga Fuga Solia Nameless Shura Keiser Han Bolge Spade Mad Sarge Fox Huey Shuren Alf Yuria Airi Misumi Toyo Taki Jackal kou Shiva Ryuken Ohgai Rihaku Asuka Buzz Harn Gil Harn Myu Rui Jako Jask Shiino Akashachi Leia Tao Jukei Sayaka Kuroyasha
  • Kenshiro

    The youngest of the Four Hokuto Brothers
    and successor of Hokuto Shinken.
    He has seven scars engraved on his chest.
    He wanders the land in search of his lover Yuria,
    who has been kidnapped by his nemesis Shin.

  • Toki

    The man with the most refined technique
    in the history of Hokuto Shinken.
    He is the second oldest of the Four Hokuto Brothers
    and Raoh's biological brother.
    Following the war, he was exposed to radioactive
    fallout and fell ill, causing him to give up the path
    towards successor.

  • Raoh

    The oldest of the Four Hokuto Brothers
    and Toki's biological older brother.
    With the combination of his ambition
    and mastery of the assassin's art,
    his iron fists caused him to be removed
    from consideration for the right to become successor by Ryuken.
    Following the war, he took up the name of Ken-oh
    and looked to conquer the land, striking fear
    into the hearts of people everywhere.

  • Rei

    One of the Six Masters of Nanto.
    He is the successor of Nanto Suichoken
    and represents the Star of Righteousness.
    He comes across Kenshiro while searching for
    the "man with seven scars on his chest"
    that kidnapped his sister Airi.

  • Shin

    One of the Six Masters of Nanto.
    He is the successor of Nanto Koshuken
    and represents the Star of Martyrdom.
    He kidnaps Kenshiro's girlfriend Yuria
    and inflicts the seven scars on Kenshiro's chest.

  • Thouzer

    One of the Six Masters of Nanto.
    He is the successor of Nanto Ho-Oh Ken and represents
    the Star of Dominance. He labels himself the Holy Emperor
    and in an effort to display his might, begins building
    the Imperial Holy Cross Mausoleum.

  • Jagi

    The third oldest of the Four Brothers of Hokuto.
    Envious of his younger brother Kenshiro's natural ability
    during training, he considers him an enemy.
    When Kenshiro is chosen as Hokuto Shinken's successor,
    Jagi demands Kenshiro give up the position,
    but instead sustains a large, disfiguring wound to his head.

  • Mamiya

    The leader of the Oasis Village (Mamiya's village).
    After both her parents are killed by Juda,
    she is imprisoned and branded with Juda's mark
    on her shoulder. While fighting to protect her parents' village
    from the Fang Clan, she meets Kenshiro and Rei.

  • Juda

    One of the Six Masters of Nanto.
    He is the successor of Nanto Kokakuken
    and represents the Star of Enchantment.
    After the war, Juda leaves with 23 sects of Nanto
    and joins forces with Raoh, intending to cause
    an irreparable fracturing of the six main Nanto Seiken branches.
    Obsessed with his own beauty,
    Juda grows envious of the beautiful techniques of Rei.

  • Shew

    One of the Six Masters of Nanto.
    He is the successor of Nanto Hakuroken
    and represents the Star of Benevolence.
    He sees the potential in a young Kenshiro,
    and sacrifices his own eyesight to save him. Later,
    he leads the resistance against Thouzer's tyranny.

  • Ryuga

    He is the successor of Taizan Tenroken
    and represents the Star of the Lone Celestial Wolf.
    He is Yuria's older brother.
    Follows Raoh, believing that his tyranny is required to restore
    order to the world, but after meeting Kenshiro,
    realizes that he is the one that can bring peace to the land.

  • Fudo

    One of the Five Chariot Guardians of Nanto.
    Known as Fudo of the Mountains.
    He was once a ruthless bandit,
    but had a change of heart after meeting
    the compassionate Yuria. He then adopted many orphans
    to raise while protecting Yuria.

  • Juza

    One of the Five Chariot Guardians of Nanto.
    Known as Juza of the Clouds.
    Ryuga's half brother. He was in love with Yuria
    since they were children,
    but when he discovered that they were half-siblings,
    he ran away and turned to an irresponsible, carefree life.

  • Bat

    A former street rat. Uses crass speech,
    but is kind at heart.
    By coincidence is imprisoned
    in the same jail cell as Kenshiro,
    which leads them to travel together.
    Several years after
    parting ways with Kenshiro,
    he forms the Hokuto Army, whose aim is to protect the weak.

  • Rin

    A young girl acting as jailor in the town where
    Kenshiro is imprisoned. She admires Kenshiro greatly,
    and decides to follow him on his travels.
    Several years after parting ways with Kenshiro,
    she forms the Hokuto Army along with Bat.

  • Ein

    A bounty hunter who once
    worked for the Celestial Imperial Army,
    who fights with a brawling style.
    An encounter with Kenshiro and
    Bat causes him to change his ways,
    however, and he decides to become
    a father that his daughter,
    Asuka, can be proud of.
    He fights alongside the Hokuto
    Army against the Celestial Imperial Army.

  • Falco

    The successor of Gento Koken,
    also known as "Falco the Golden General."
    At the height of the Ken-oh era,
    Falco sacrificed his right leg
    to save the people of his village.
    Later, in order to protect
    the imprisoned Celestial Empress Rui,
    Falco reluctantly agreed to serve
    Jako and help him eliminate Hokuto.

  • Shachi

    A practitioner of Hokuto Ryuken.
    He becomes a beast known as
    the Rakshasa - "a devourer of Shura" -
    in order to protect his beloved Leia.
    When he first meets Rin,
    he tries to use her as a way of luring
    Kenshiro into a fight with the Shura Generals.

  • Hyou

    A practitioner of Hokuto Ryuken,
    and the second of the Shura Generals.
    He is also Kenshiro's older brother by blood,
    and is of the Hokuto Clan Main Lineage bloodline.
    Though he was once a loving brother, Kaioh seals
    away his memories, meaning that Hyou remembers
    nothing about Kenshiro.

  • Kaioh

    A practitioner of Hokuto Ryuken.
    The first of the Shura Generals, and an older brother
    biologically to both Raoh and Toki.
    Though he had been a beloved and caring child,
    his mother's death and the circumstances in which he was
    rejected by the Hokuto Clan Main Lineage warped his
    personality, resulting in him becoming the evil ruler of the
    Land of Shura.

  • Heart

    A subordinate of Shin.
    Normally has a gentle personality
    but hates the sight of his own blood.
    When he sees blood, he loses control
    and attacks anyone near him.
    Because of the thick layers of fat on his body,
    he is able to withstand most martial art attacks
    and is known as the "Destroyer of Fists."

  • Outlaw

    In the post-apocalyptic wasteland in
    which only the strong survive, he lives
    a life of wanton evil.

  • Amiba

    Rei's former training companion.
    A self-proclaimed genius
    who studied various martial arts styles.
    He is scolded and slapped by Toki
    when he mistakenly
    presses the wrong vital point of a patient.
    Resentful, Amiba proceeds to impersonate Toki,
    performing sadistic vital point experiments on innocent
    patients to further his own understanding of the art.

  • Fang King

    Leader of a group of bandits
    that excel at attacking in packs.
    With his style known as Huashan Horn Wrestling,
    he can harden his body to the point
    where even steel pillars are useless against him.
    He targets Mamiya's village,
    but his clan is killed off one by one by Kenshiro and Rei.

  • Uighur

    Warden of the dungeon known as Cassandra,
    and a user of Taishan Style Twin Streak Whip.
    It is said that not even a single insect
    has escaped under his watch.
    Under orders from Raoh,
    he oversees
    various imprisoned martial artists, including Toki.

  • Zeed

    Leader of an outlaw biker gang known as "Zeed."
    A large man with "Z-666"
    tattooed on his head.
    Although merciless against his enemies,
    he shows much compassion for his comrades.

  • Colonel

    Leader of Golan and a former Red Beret commando.
    His aim is to create a country called "God's Land,"
    where the "chosen ones" can live.
    A user of the Nanto Muonken style of Nanto Seiken,
    he can predict enemy actions based
    on the slightest twitch of an eye or muscle.

  • Devil Rebirth

    An evil creature held captive in Villainy Prison.
    A user of the Rakan Nioken style.
    Despite being several times
    larger and stronger than an ordinary man,
    his movements are still sharp and nimble.
    Having killed 700 people,
    he was sentenced to be executed 13 times,
    but managed to survive them all,
    and was therefore given a 200 year
    prison sentence instead.

  • Raiga

    A user of the Nishin Furaiken style,
    Raiga guards Cassandra alongside
    his twin brother Fuga.
    They invite Kenshiro to enter
    Cassandra after he sees into their hearts.

  • Fuga

    A user of the Nishin Furaiken style,
    Fuga guards Cassandra alongside
    his twin brother Raiga.
    They invite Kenshiro to enter Cassandra
    after he sees into their hearts.

  • Solia

    A user of the Gento Koken style.
    Solia is a one-eyed general,
    also known as "Solia of the Purple Light."
    He greatly admires the "heartrending light"
    that Falco produces,
    and would willingly give
    his life for his master.
    Having been ordered together with Falco to
    eliminate Hokuto, he agrees to take on Kenshiro.

  • Nameless Shura

    A nameless warrior from the Land of Shura.
    When still only 15 years old,
    he killed 100 of Akashachi's men,
    causing the pirate to
    lose his right eye and right leg.

  • Keiser

    A general from the Land of Shura
    and a user of the Mouko-style Enigmatic Predator Palm style.
    He is capable of ripping out
    enemies' organs and bones,
    and has a record of 1,800 victories
    as a Shura.

  • Han

    A practitioner of Hokuto Ryuken,
    and the third of the Shura Generals.
    His fists are as fast as hurricanes, leaving no shadow,
    and his victims do not see them coming until
    it is too late. He surrounds himself
    with people who want to kill him in order to
    help alleviate his boredom.
    He hates people without ambition,
    and in his own words,
    he lost track of how many people
    he killed after one hundred.

  • Bolge

    A monstrous man whose head is covered in hard,
    artificial skin. He lives only to exact
    revenge on Kenshiro, who blinded him in both eyes.
    When Bolge encounters Bat, the seven scars
    on Bat's chest make Bolge think he is Kenshiro,
    and he subjects him to brutal torture.

  • Spade

    One of Shin's minions and a proficient bow gun user.
    He tries to steal rice seeds from Misumi,
    but is stopped by Kenshiro's Two-Fingered Air Snatch,
    losing an eye in the process.

  • Mad Sarge

    One of the Colonel's subordinates,
    and another former Red Beret
    who now serves in the Golan army.
    He is known to put trainee soldiers
    through absolute hell
    in order to create hardened killers.
    He excels at using knives,
    and can stab up to ten times a second.

  • Fox

    Jackal's right-hand man,
    whose signature move is the "Mantrap."
    Extremely cruel, Fox is also known for his sharp,
    cunning mind. When he encounters Kenshiro
    supplying food to villagers,
    he lies prone on the ground in
    an attempt to lure him into a false sense of security.

  • Huey

    One of the Five Chariot Guardians of Nanto.
    Known as Huey of the Winds.
    His fists work in harmony with the wind
    to produce aura blasts that slice enemies to shreds.

  • Shuren

    One of the Five Chariot Guardians of Nanto.
    Known as Shuren of the Flames.
    He uses phosphorus during battle
    to envelop his enemies in flames of rage.

  • Alf

    A Shura warrior who has killed 122 men,
    105 of them within two minutes.
    Despite winning a contest that has Rin as its prize,
    he receives further orders
    from Keiser to kill Kenshiro.

  • Yuria

    Kenshiro's fiancee.
    Forced to leave Kenshiro's side by Shin,
    she is unable to endure
    Shin's ruthless actions and attempts
    to throw herself to her death.

  • Airi

    Rei's younger sister. Right before her marriage,
    she is abducted by Jagi and sold into slavery.
    She takes her own vision as a result of the extreme
    hardships she is forced to endure.
    The Fang Clan attempts to use her as a tool
    for vengeance against Rei,
    but she is rescued by him and Kenshiro.

  • Misumi

    An old man who tries to think of the future
    instead of simply living in the moment.
    Spade attacks him and tries
    to steal his rice seeds,
    but Kenshiro saves him and helps
    him deliver the seeds to his village.

  • Toyo

    An old woman who looks
    after orphans and other children
    who have no one to take care of them.
    She is like a mother to Bat.
    She first meets Kenshiro
    when she is trying to dig
    a new well in the village to replace
    the old one that has dried up.

  • Taki

    A young boy who lives in Toyo's village,
    Taki looks up to Bat as
    though he were an older brother.
    Taki is sent out of the village to look
    for people to help dig a new well,
    at which point he comes across Kenshiro.

  • Jackal

    The leader of a gang who roams
    the wasteland looking for water.
    When they come across water in Toyo's village,
    they attack it and end up killing the old woman.
    Kenshiro goes after them,
    but Jackal helps the monstrous Devil Rebirth
    escape from Villainy Prison,
    and tricks him into attacking Kenshiro.

  • Koh

    The younger brother of Mamiya,
    leader of their village.
    When he goes to trade
    provisions at the nearby oasis,
    he is captured by the Fang Clan,
    who had been targeting the village.
    He is then executed as a warning
    to Kenshiro and Rei,
    who killed members of the Fang Clan.

  • Shiva

    The son of Shew,
    the successor to Nanto Hakuroken.
    After Kenshiro is defeated by Thouzer,
    Shiva rescues him
    from the Imperial Holy Cross Mausoleum.

  • Ryuken

    Previous successor to Hokuto Shinken.
    Was not blessed with his own sons,
    so he adopted and raised Raoh,
    Toki, Jagi and Kenshiro in order to
    raise one to follow him as successor.

  • Ohgai

    Previous successor to Nanto Ho-Oh Ken.
    He adopts the orphaned Thouzer as a child
    and raises him as a son.
    He raises Thouzer strictly but lovingly and trains him
    in the techniques of Nanto Ho-Oh Ken.

  • Rihaku

    A member of the Five Chariot Guardians of Nanto.
    Known as Rihaku of the Oceans.
    In ordinary times,
    he would have been a great military commander,
    in charge of thousands of men.
    In an effort to ensure that Kenshiro
    is the one to meet the Last Nanto General,
    Rihaku lays a series of traps
    that hinder Raoh's advance.

  • Asuka

    Ein's daughter.
    The only reason Ein works
    as a bounty hunter is to buy nice things
    for Asuka and to make her happy.

  • Buzz Harn

    Successor of Nanto Soyoken and Gill's older brother.
    The brothers once took on Falco in battle,
    and were about to be killed when Ein stepped
    in to take them away to prison.

  • Gil Harn

    Successor of Nanto Soyoken
    and Buzz's younger brother.
    The brothers once took on Falco in battle,
    and were about to be killed
    when Ein stepped in to take
    them away to prison.

  • Myu

    Falco's lover.
    To find out where the Celestial Empress
    Rui is being held captive,
    she pretends to be enamored of Jako.
    When her true intentions are revealed,
    she is imprisoned beneath the Imperial Capital
    with Ein and several others.

  • Rui

    The Celestial Empress,
    and Rin's estranged twin sister.
    Her long period of captivity
    under the Imperial Capital
    has left her blind.
    When Kenshiro and the Hokuto Army
    storm the Imperial Capital,
    Rin, Bat and Ein help her escape.

  • Jako

    Commander of the Celestial Imperial Army.
    He imprisons the Celestial Emperor
    and establishes the Imperial Capital.
    During the Ken-oh era, his village is attacked by Raoh
    and he is almost killed by Falco as a result,
    but manages to survive
    thanks to the presence of Falco's mother.
    His experiences have left
    him terrified of the night sky,
    which is when the Seven Stars of Hokuto shine.

  • Jask

    Jako's son and Shiino's older brother.
    When Ein comes for his father,
    Jask intervenes and fights him,
    but Ein dispenses with him effortlessly.
    After Jako's death, Jask kidnaps Rin and takes
    her to the Land of Shura.

  • Shiino

    Jako's son and Jask's younger brother.
    Assigned to guard the first gate
    when the Hokuto Army
    come to attack the Imperial Capital,
    he is killed by a spear thrown by Kenshiro.

  • Akashachi

    Shachi's father and leader of
    the "Twin Orca" pirates,
    Akashachi used to work for Raoh.
    He once attacked the Land of Shura,
    only to be defeated by a Nameless Shura.
    Not only did this event lead
    to him losing his right eye,
    right leg and most of his crew,
    he also had to leave his son behind.
    After traversing the Sea of Death for several years,
    Akashachi encounters Kenshiro,
    and takes him to the Land of Shura.

  • Leia

    Shachi's lover.
    Leia opens a private school in the Land of Shura,
    at which she teaches the local children
    about the concept of love.
    She asks Kenshiro to kill Shachi,
    as he has become a heartless Rakshasa,
    but Kenshiro sees that she still loves him.

  • Tao

    Leia's younger brother.
    Tired of living his life
    in permanent fear of the Shuras,
    he decides to become one himself,
    and goes to join their training camp.
    After being instructed to kill one of his friends,
    however, he realizes
    what his sister had meant when she talked
    about "love," and decides to escape instead.

  • Jukei

    The previous successor to Hokuto Ryuken. Raoh,
    Toki and Kenshiro were all sent to Ryuken
    to learn a fighting style that would allow
    them to rule in the coming age of anarchy.
    At the same time, Jukei taught
    Hokuto Ryuken to Kaioh, Hyou and Han.

  • Sayaka

    Kaioh's younger sister,
    and Hyou's lover.
    She is killed by Kaioh as part
    of his plan to pit Hyou and Kenshiro
    against each other.

  • Kuroyasha

    The eternal servant of Kenshiro and
    the Hokuto Clan Main Lineage,
    he is said
    to be even more powerful than Jukei.
    After Hyou enters the Demonic Realm,
    Kuroyasha goes into battle
    against him in an attempt
    to protect the Hokuto Clan Main Lineage.