With more than twice as many playable characters as the previous game, there are a greater variety of moves than ever before. In addition to Signature Moves, taunts and Special Moves, dodges and dashes are also available, enabling you to anticipate enemy attacks and immediately close the gap and get within range to finish them off in a single blow.

Signature Moves & Mighty Aura

  • Each warrior is able to use powerful techniques known as Signature Moves, which can be activated by using your Aura Reserves. The amount of reserves required will vary by move. As your warrior develops, you can even learn new Signature Moves.
  • Quickly switch between Signature Moves using the controller! Be sure to check the attack range diagram to the left of the move name and select a move best suited to your current situation. Also, the color beneath the Signature Move name indicates which parameter will receive EXP.
You can fill your Aura Gauge by fighting battles or by picking up items, which will cause your Aura Reserves to fill. When you have at least one Aura Reserve full, you will be able to activate your Mighty Aura, which will increase your attack range and the damage you can inflict against the enemy. The more Aura Reserves you have full, the stronger your Mighty Aura will be.

Special Moves, Taunts & Dodges

  • Special Move: Kenshiro
    Perform an action unique to each character with the single press of a button. In the case of Kenshiro, he will strike the vital point of an enemy and cause him to explode, placing the surrounding enemies into a state of Vital Point Shock.
  • Special Move: Rei
    In the case of Rei, he will charge forward, inflicting damage on any enemies that he crashes into.
  • Taunts
    Taunt nearby enemies into approaching your location. Once they've assembled around you, wipe them out with a far-reaching Signature Move!
  • Dodges
    Utilize your Aura Gauge to avoid an enemy attack. In addition, you will be able to launch a powerful counterattack after successfully dodging.


  • Timely Strike
    If you quickly press the button displayed on screen, you will strike the enemy with an attack that puts them in a state of Aura Shock. Also, your attacks will become more powerful for a limited time.
  • Power Charge
    A powerful attack unique to Falco and Fudo. You can use this attack by holding down the Strong Attack button.
  • Combo Charge Attacks
    If you repeatedly press the Strong Attack button, you can perform even more powerful attacks.
  • Projectile Attacks
    In addition to ranged attacks, warriors with projectile weapons like Mamiya and Jagi can perform projectile charge attacks by holding down the button.