Your warrior will become stronger by fighting battles.
Also, by equipping Scrolls that you obtain, your parameter levels will increase, and you will learn powerful Skills.
  • Parameters
    Each character has five parameters: Life, Aura, Attack, Defense and Technique, and each parameter has its own level. The Experience Points you earn will differ depending on the attack method or type of Signature Move used to defeat an enemy, allowing your character to develop according to your own personal play style.
  • Leveling Up
    Each parameter will level up in real time during battle. When they level up, you will also receive temporary bonuses, such as increased Attack strength for a limited time when your Attack levels up.
  • Obtaining Scrolls
    Scrolls can be found in the chests throughout the battlefield. The higher your rating for a stage, the more Scrolls you will receive.
  • Scrolls
    Scrolls can have up to three parameters. Each Scroll has its own level, and the higher it is, the greater the effect will be when you equip it.
Equipping Scrolls
You can equip Scrolls by using the Scrolls command after battle or by using the Caryatid menu during battle.
  • An effect (level) will be added to certain of your five parameters (Life, Aura, Attack, Defense, Technique).
    The parameter that will be powered up depends on the location of each parameter on your Scroll.
  • If you equip a Scroll that includes a Skill, then you will automatically receive the effects of that Skill.
  • You can equip up to a total of five Scrolls, and store 21 in reserve. At the bottom of the screen, you will be able to see how much your levels will increase due to the Scrolls you have equipped.
  • Forming a Nexus
    If you can arrange your Scrolls so that you can vertically line up the same parameter, you will form a Nexus!
    A special bonus (3 levels x Nexus amount) will be added to your totals. If you can form a Nexus with your parameters, then you will also learn Nexus Skills.
    *In the sample shown here, the Life parameter has formed a 3-Scroll Nexus, so the bonus added to your Life level will be (LV1+LV4+LV3) + (LV3 x 3) = LV17.
  • Aim for an Ultimate Nexus!
    If you can form multiple Nexuses at the same time, then you can obtain the effects of all of them simultaneously. By forming a 2-Scroll Nexus all the way to a 5-Scroll Nexus, you can form an "Ultimate Nexus." Try and obtain all the necessary Scrolls to complete one for yourself.
Proffer & Receive
By selecting the Proffer command, you can proffer unneeded Scrolls to the Caryatid.
These can later be received by different warriors by selecting the Receive command.
For example, if you Proffer a Scroll you received in Legend Mode, you will be able to offer it to another warrior in Dream Mode, allowing you to start out at a higher level from the beginning.
*You can only use the Proffer command on a Scroll once. You cannot share that Scroll with all of your other warriors.