You can engage in cooperative and versus play with other players online within Dream Mode.
In versus play, you compete for various rewards by playing through stages with specific conditions for victory and defeat.

Co-op Play

Co-op Play enables you to work together with another player to play through Quests in Dream Mode. By playing online, you can enjoy playing the game without having to use a split screen. The player that creates the game room will be Player 1, and the player joining the game will be Player 2.

Team Match

Team Matches split each group of players into two teams and have them compete on the total number of points earned after
a number of missions are cleared. The number of players that can participate range from 4 to 8 (2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, 4 vs. 4).
  • All of the members from both teams will compete in a single mission and look to achieve the required conditions. Work together with your teammates to complete the mission.
  • All of the missions are finished! Each player will receive bonus points based on how well they completed each one.
The winning team is the one that has obtained the most points.
Depending on your results, you may obtain bonus Scrolls that are even more powerful than ones you can obtain when playing offline.