legend of raou
Zeed Attacks
Zeed Attacks

In the not-so-distant future, the land finds itself ruled by violence.
Suddenly, a mysterious man appears before Bat and Rin,

who are simply trying to survive amidst the chaos.
The legend of the Post-Apocalyptic Savior is about to begin.

Unbridled Rage
Misumi is an old man who hopes to use what few rice seeds
he has to keep hope for the future alive.
Kenshiro meets Misumi and feels compelled to help him.
However, the old man's dream is about to find itself
crushed by the violent organization known as King.
To Southern Cross
King is eager to take Kenshiro's life,
but what is its ultimate objective?
And what is the true identity of its leader?
Determined to bring a resolution to this feud once and for all,
Kenshiro infiltrates King's headquarters of Southern Cross.
The Flames of Obsession
The leader of King is none other than Shin of Nanto Koshuken.
He is the man who kidnapped Kenshiro's fiancée Yuria
and gave him the seven scars on his chest.
Kenshiro is about to use his sheer rage to overcome
Shin's obsession and gain his revenge.
The Tears to End Ambition
Golan is an organization that kidnaps women
in order to obtain worthy heirs to continue the lineage of its members.
Having saved Rin from their evil clutches, Kenshiro sets out
for God's Land in order to prevent another person
from ever knowing such sadness again.
For a Sip of Water
Kenshiro travels to Toyo's village,
which is where Bat grew up.
Although the village's well has gone dry,
Toyo and the children have
somehow managed to survive all this time.
However, a tragedy is about to ensue
over a single sip of water.
The Incarnation of Indra
Having been finally hunted down, Jackal releases a demon
from its cell in Villainy Prison.
As this evil creature awakens from its slumber
and looks to annihilate Kenshiro,
who will win the battle between these two god-like warriors?
The Two Ominous Stars
Upon being hired to protect a certain village,
Kenshiro meets a woman warrior who looks
strikingly like Yuria, as well as a man
who practices Nanto Suichoken.
Through these encounters, Kenshiro's destiny
is about to take a dramatic turn.
The Stone-Shattering Fist
Together with Rei of Nanto Suichoken and Mamiya,
the female leader of the village,
Kenshiro goes to the hideout of the bandits
known as the Fang Clan.
However, waiting for them there is a most diabolical trap.
Blood Feud
It was Jagi, one of Kenshiro's older brothers,
that kidnapped Rei's sister.
Kenshiro sets out to put a stop to Jagi,
who is committing evil acts in his name
in order to ruin Kenshiro's reputation.
It is to be the ultimate blood feud, a battle to the death.
Tragic Genius
Kenshiro's beloved brother, Toki, has been conducting
horrific experiments on people.
Unable to believe his ears, Kenshiro goes to see for himself.
Kenshiro's fists of rage are about to pulverize
the man who has defiled the name of Hokuto Shinken.
The Quiet Giant
The real Toki is locked away in Cassandra,
the City of Wailing Demons.
It is a fearsome prison that no one has ever escaped from.
Under Mamiya's guidance,
Kenshiro looks to take on the unassailable legend himself.
The Harbinger of Death NEW
The conqueror known as Ken-oh is none
other than Raoh, the oldest brother
of Hokuto.
Determined to seize the land for himself,
even the gods are fearful of his ambition.
Now, his massive shadow looms
ominously over Rei.
Into the Flames of Hell NEW
Having been defeated by Raoh,
Rei has only three days left to live.
He is determined to use his remaining time
to help Mamiya, the woman he loves.
He sets out to defeat the man responsible for
her living in constant fear, Juda of Nanto Kokakuken.
The Star of Benevolence AwakensNEW
Following Ken-oh, it was the Holy Emperor
Thouzer who looked to conquer the land.
In response to his violent rule, Kenshiro
opposes him together with Shew
of Nanto Hakuroken.
However, Thouzer's secret still stands
stubbornly before them.
The Empire Crumbles NEW
Shew submits to Thouzer in order to protect the lives
of the hostages and agrees to place the apex
atop the mausoleum.
The blood and tears of the Star of Benevolence call out
to Kenshiro and revive him, summoning him to the
Imperial Holy Cross Mausoleum where Thouzer lies in wait.
Brotherly Love NEW
Ken-oh has returned.
Upon hearing this information,
Toki decides to face his brother Raoh in battle.
Despite the illness that has crippled his body,
he is determined to fulfill
the promise he made when they were young.
Tears of the Wolf
Kenshiro and Raoh...
Which of these two mighty figures would be the one
to bring an end to the chaos of the land...?
In search of the answer, Ryuga, the successor
to Taizan Tenroken, becomes like a bloodthirsty
wolf and goes on a murderous rampage.
Nanto Arises
Appearing before Kenshiro and Raoh
are the Five Chariot Guardians responsible for protecting
the Last Nanto General.
In order to maintain their general's everlasting light,
Fudo, Juza and the others are willing to risk their lives.
The Moment Has Come
The Last Nanto General selects Kenshiro
and refuses Raoh.
In search of the general's true identity,
both men race to the castle of the Last Nanto
General, where they meet once again.
With the land on the line, they clash
in battle once more.
A Bloodstained Heart
Determined to rid himself of his fear of Kenshiro,
Raoh demands the blood of Fudo,
who once scared Raoh when he was a child,
and invades his village. In response, Fudo
becomes a violent demon in order to protect his children.
Farewell, My Rival
Due to their fierce battles against powerful rivals,
both Kenshiro and Raoh
obtain the technique known as the Unconscious
Transmigration of Souls. At last,
the long-standing battle between these two brothers
nears its conclusion.
A New Legend is Born
Several years after Kenshiro bid farewell to the land,
the age has once again slipped into chaos.
Now, a fully grown Bat and Rin
have formed the Hokuto Army and fight
valiantly for the weak and helpless.
Together, they believe they will be reunited
with their friend once more.
A Fearless Smile
Together with Bat and Rin, Kenshiro captures the area
capitals held by the Celestial Imperial Army one by one.
Following their string of victories,
a man who uses a brawling fighting style
appears before them.
The Golden Assassin
The Celestial Emperor that rules the land has given
the order to eradicate both Hokuto and Nanto.
A servant of the Celestial Emperor,
Falco of Gento Koken, defeats the Hokuto Army,
placing Bat and Rin in incredible danger.
A Duel to Split the Heavens
Falco simply followed Jako's orders in order to
protect the life of the Celestial Emperor.
Unable to find the Celestial Emperor's location,
he fights against Kenshiro at the Imperial Capital.
What will be the outcome of this war that they are waging?
Those Who Would Consume Death
Determined to rescue Rin,
Kenshiro sets out for the Land of Shura,
a desolate place filled with Shuras
who only live for battle.
The men of this warrior's code attack Falco,
who arrived in advance to search for Rin.
The Most Evil Art on Earth
Captured by the Shuras, Rin is taken away
by Shachi of Hokuto Ryuken.
Looking to use Kenshiro as a pawn,
Shachi is a man who has abandoned his humanity.
However, Rin sees a hint of something else in his eyes.
A Fated Legacy
In order to save Rin, Kenshiro faces off against Han,
the third Shura General.
During the battle,
the legend of Raoh as well as a shocking
truth about Kenshiro are revealed.
A Legendary Bloodline
Not long after her reunion with Kenshiro,
Rin is kidnapped by the Shura General,
Kaioh. Kenshiro sets out to save Rin
from Kaioh's clutches.
There, he learns of the boundless
hatred that Hokuto Ryuken harbors within.
Brother Against Brother
With his wounds healed,
Kenshiro faces his biological brother,
the Second Shura General, Hyou. Following their fight,
will there be nothing left but their corpses,
just as Kaioh plotted?
The Blood of Ages
Shachi heads to the Taiseiden,
where the secrets of the Hokuto Clan Main
Lineage are kept, but finds
that Kaioh is already there.
Determined to protect Leia even at the cost
of his own life, Shachi challenges Kaioh to battle.
Tombstone of Tragedy
Love cannot be overcome by evil...
After Rin states this to Kaioh,
he strikes her vital point known as Shikanhaku,
removing love from her heart and abandoning
her in the wasteland.
Her fate lies in the hands of a badly wounded Hyou.
A Destined Encounter
After inflicting numerous wounds
upon himself over the years,
Kaioh has given up on love.
And after having numerous wounds inflicted upon him,
Kenshiro has learned the power of love.
The battle between these two men has been destined
since the creation of Hokuto Shinken itself.
Just what is the secret hidden
within the history of Hokuto Shinken...?
Bat & Rin storyline
Journey to the Past
Kenshiro loses his memory after
being struck by lightning,
and Rin loses hers after
having her vital point pressed by Bat.
Determined to allow the love of his
life to know happiness,
Bat quietly disappears from their side.
Farewell, My Loved Ones
For the sake of Kenshiro and Rin,
Bat withstands brutal torture at the hands of Bolge.
His thoughts of selfless
sacrifice bring about a miracle,
as it is time for Kenshiro,
the successor of Hokuto Shinken, to be reborn.